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Amulet of Kali Ancient SACRED KAPALA HUMAN SKULL old shmashana adhipati

Amulet of Kali Ancient SACRED KAPALA HUMAN SKULL old shmashana adhipati
Amulet of Kali Ancient SACRED KAPALA HUMAN SKULL old shmashana adhipati

Amulet of Kali Ancient SACRED KAPALA HUMAN SKULL old shmashana adhipati    Amulet of Kali Ancient SACRED KAPALA HUMAN SKULL old shmashana adhipati

AMMON EGYPTIAN ORACULAR DEMON TIME LORD RAM RUBY RING. And their website copy our listing, Descriptions and photos & sell fake items at cheap rates, we dont have any other branches online. Welcome to my private collection of very special and unique paranormal items. Amulet of Kali Tibetan Ancient SACRED KAPALA HUMAN SKULL AMULET shri chitipati Qing Dynasty old shmashana adhipati. This is ancient kapala human skull bone bead from Tibet, hand carved of genuine kapala.

Skull bead made of Kapala is one of the most sacred and desirable buddhist amulet in tibet culture. Working with magick for so many years I never have had a kapala skull amulets. This one is of the very finest human skull bone carvings, magnificent and incredible powerful. I got it directly from Tibet and the monk said me that this is an Amulet of Kali.

Kali is known as Buddhist Deity Troma Nagmo in Tibet. She is the primary deity of the Buddhist Nyingma Chod practice, the Great Wrathful Mother of compassion, pure relative truth and perfect wisdom. She is the wrathful form of Prajnaparamita, the Queen of all Buddhas. Her wrathfulness expresses the intensity of her compassion for all beings, and burns through the fabric of duality, the illusion of this and that, right and wrong.

She is huge, vast as space. She is the ground from which all manifestation arises and into which it subsides. She represents complete uncertainty as well as complete potentiality. She dances completely surrounded by the flames of pure awareness, and she steps on the heart of a human corpse, representing her conquest over ignorance and delusion. Her flaying knife represents flaying the enemies of faith doubt and hatred.

She wears the traditional six bone ornaments that demonstrate her accomplishment of the six tantric vehicles. In her left hand she holds a skullcup, representing the gifts she is giving from her heart.

Her staff subdues all uncompassionate motivation. Her garland of severed heads represents the conquest and transmutation of the 51 defining egotistical thoughts. She is free, wild, fierce and loving, and passionate in her compassion for all, and her wish to help set us free. This is not just an item of Jewellery this is a real sacred treasure from the ancient kingdom, used in thousands and thousands of rituals!

I hung this One-of-a-Kind rarity on the cord so you can wear it as a pendant or hang it in your home. You may keep it on your Altar or add it to your mala. This old blessed by Kali kapal human bone skull has the weathering marks and a usage patina. You will receive also a Magick pouch with sacred plants fully charged.

These sacred plants were carefully collected and dried, blessed over and spelled by me. They will fully protect your Magickal item from negative energies!

This Magick pouch and these special plants are guaranteed to recharge your Magickal item so it will work at full Power! The Magick Pouch with sacred plants cleanse and recharge all of your Magickal Treasures and you may place one piece or several at once inside it. If the vessel really calls you and you sense drawn to its energy, but cannot afford the price, please feel free to contact me to make your offer.

Spirits guide me in all that I do, including pricing. They lets me know whether price can be changed; if the vessel is intended for you, I will gladly lower the price. I offer only authentic Magickal vessels and I do not need to use things such as photo shop, music, fake flames or mist to sell my Magickal. I would never disrespect my Djinns and Spirits and their vessels by doing such things. I live and practicing in Latvia.

My spiritual journey has passed through Reiki, Siberian Shamanism, Buddhism, Wiccan, high magic, occult, Voodoo, Crowley's Magic. I studied Siberian Shamanism for 8 years when I lived in Siberia. I learned Voodoo Shamanism in Mozambique, where I saw an incredible things what the Voodoo can do. I studied Thelema and Crowley's Magic from my childhood. My Grandma knew Aleister Crowley personally and was his student...

She was a powerful Sorcerer, a famous Witch in Europe, and I'm grateful to her for the Knowledge she gave me. My religion is the Religion of Nature. My mission is to help others heal themselves and their lives, to understand themselves, their lives and their place in the universe.

If with my help you will pass even a small way to know yourself, then you we be able to add more peace, love and harmony on your life and our beautiful planet. My collection - is the unique metaphysical and paranormal treasures. All of my knowledge and all my energy I put into these special items! All of my magickal vessels, amulets and talismans are of the highest quality, some of them are unique, one-of-a-Kind, some very rare and are collector's value, some were handcrafted by me. In my store you can find every kind of Magick.

Spirits, entities, angels, demons, fairies, dragons, portals, Gods and Goddesses; conjuring, summoning, banishing, cleansing... If you are in search of real changes and positive things to happen in your life through the powers of magick and the paranormal world then with my magickal items and blessing of knowledge, you can realize all of your magical and earthly desires! All of them are NOT in place of any treatment, legal aid, physician's care or advice of any kind. Please consult your GP or doctor for that. No specific result(s) can be guaranteed.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Good luck and let all your paths will be blessed with. The item "Amulet of Kali Ancient SACRED KAPALA HUMAN SKULL old shmashana adhipati" is in sale since Monday, March 23, 2020. This item is in the category "Collectibles\Religion & Spirituality\Wicca & Paganism\Amulets, Pendants & Charms". The seller is "usa_health" and is located in RISHIKESH, UTTARAKHAND.

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Amulet of Kali Ancient SACRED KAPALA HUMAN SKULL old shmashana adhipati    Amulet of Kali Ancient SACRED KAPALA HUMAN SKULL old shmashana adhipati